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Window Frame Anchors

  Image Description Pack Size Per Order
  NWFA08120%20Nylon%20Window%20Frame%20Anchors%20%2d%208mm%20x%20120mm link NWFA08120 Nylon Window Frame Anchors - 8mm x 120mm

FJNWFA08120 ; NWFA08120

50 100
  NWFA10140%20Nylon%20Window%20Frame%20Anchors%20%2d%2010mm%20x%20140mm link NWFA10140 Nylon Window Frame Anchors - 10mm x 140mm

FJNWFA10140 ; NWFA10140

50 100
  NWFA10165%20Nylon%20Window%20Frame%20Anchors%20%2d%2010mm%20x%20165mm link NWFA10165 Nylon Window Frame Anchors - 10mm x 165mm

FJNWFA10165 ; NWFA10165

50 100